The cryptocurrency
for the world of graphene

First cryptocurrency based on a revolutionary material.



The next ICO stage will start August 27th

  $37 Millon USD  

Soft Cap

$133 Millon USD

Hard Cap

19 000 000 000

GraphenTech Token Emission

GraphenTech welcomes you to the age of graphene

GraphenTech is based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and founded by an HP experienced engineer. The team that joins him is composed of about thirty professionals expert in innovation, blockchain and graphene.

The 77G token is a security token to participate, support and benefit from the upcoming revolution of graphene. GraphenTech, 77G’ producer, is an industrial company that aims to become a worldwide graphene producer. More than being just a graphene provider, GraphenTech will revolutionize the graphene market by introducing his own graphene-based crypto currency., 77G.


Animated video that explains what is Graphentech project.


To ensure a reliable and sustainable production, GraphenTech is developing a strategy of negotiating the right of mining concessions for reserves.



A currency based on the
wonder material: Graphene.


An attractive way to support,
participate and benefit from the
revolution of graphene.



Hold an asset with high chance of
price appreciation and future utility.



Graphene has the potential to be the most promising material and represents the largest step in electronic engineering in a very long time.


Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in an hexagonal lattice. It is the basic structural element of many other allotropes of carbon, such as graphite, diamond, charcoal, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes.

Unusual Features

• Graphene is the strongest material ever tested, efficiently conducts heat and electricity, is nearly transparent, and shows a large and nonlinear diamagnetism.





Graphene Market

Global Graphene Market in Millions

2012:  $9    ->    2020:  $126
Lux research

2020:  $310,4    ->    2025:  $2100
BBC research

Graphene Battery Market Growth

Estimated growth rate of 38,4% from 2014 – 2022

Allied Market Research

Market for Graphene Semiconductors

$70 billion in 2030 

McKinsey & Company

Market Projection


Do you want to know more?

Here you can find some graphene related scientific papers

Carbon Nanotubes

Gavimetric and dynamic deconvolution of global EQMC response of carbon nanotubes based electrodes by Ac-electrogravimetry. Learn more...

Ion Transfer in rGO

Dynamic resolution of ion transfer in electrochemically reduced graphene oxides revealed by electrogravimetric impedance. Learn more...

Charge Storage Properties

Charge storage properties of single wall carbon nanotubes/Prussian blue nanocube composite studied by multi-scale coupled electrogravimetric methods. Learn more...

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